Wednesday, August 13


but the freakin pta won't let me!

i am so worn out! i came home this afternoon and crashed for about an hour. woke up in a panic cause i had to be back up there again tonight by 5:30. and of coarse i was late. didn't get home til nine. i've got the scrap bug real bad! i have so many layouts i want to work on. i planned on going to the gym early tomorrow and coming home and scrap the day away...nope, not going to happen. just realized i have another pta meeting for the other school at 10am. then we have dentist appt. and physical therapy for my wrist. and at some point i have to do my three hour grocery shopping trip. hubby is out of town til friday, so he can't help. i've already used karen enough this week. she has kept kimber for me while the other two and i went to the school. we don't have anything for breakfast tomorrow...ahhhhhhh. i think i am going to bed!


Lisa said...

Oh the woes of a PTA Mom, they will abuse you if you let them! Sounds like you need to carve out some me time.

Jenn said...

BOO hiss to the PTA , how dare they stop a scrapper on a mission !! LOL ..... scrapping is so much more fun and relaxing , lol ..... I hope you get to scrap, and good for you and the gym girl ! I MUST start treadmilling and start losing more weight !!!!
Have a great weekend !!

Kristii said...

I hope you get some time to scrap!!! Have a great weekend!!