Friday, August 15

to funny!

MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" "

found this over here at this gals blog. thought it was funny. look...they think i look like peneolpe cruz and jessica alba! HA! yeah right in my dreams! or should i say my hubby's dreams! ( the one you can't see is julie andrews. now is that an insult or complement?

ok this was to funny, i had to do it again. come on people really, laura bush! thanks a lot. and melissa joan hart? the one you can't see is juliet lewis


Anonymous said...

I got no matches, then changed photos and they came up with magic johnson, whoopi goldberg, kathleen turner and most shockingly, 50 cent...I closed the damn thing, lol!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

Laura Bush? that's funny.

i got Christina Ricci twice and Christina Aguilera. maybe i should change my name to Christina. funny, people always told me i look like this chick, but i don't think she's very widely known.