Thursday, June 19

sidewalk paint

usually when i go grocery shopping i try not to take the girls. it's just to much of "can i have" or "mommy look" or " i want", but yesterday i didn't have a choice. i needed them to help push the baskets, yes basket with a "s". we can never get out of there with one basket. i shop for two weeks. anyway, i told them that they could have a treat because they have all helped me out so much lately, with the bum wrist and all. so i thought this would be good 'cause it would be an "outside" thing. fun. cool for the younger ones right...oh no. laura gale didn't want that. she wanted mints. i'm not big on giving the kids candy, and we don't have gum in the house because they all have some sort of appliance in their mouth. so unless it is a special holiday they really don't get any. well, after explaining to her that the chalk would last longer and be more fun, she still wanted the candy. so this what she picked over the wonderful, time wasting outside paint chalk. and what do you think she wanted to do when got home...yep, sidewalk paint. so lg shared her mints with kimber and kimber shared her sidewalk paint with lg. btw miranda just got money. she thinks she is to old for toys, but she was out there right next to them. little stinker!

YEE HAW! IT'S RODEO TIME! don't know much about the whole thing, but one of our scrappin' friends gave karen and i her box tickets. it was so much fun. first we went to the parade. it was so hot! after that was over, we had some time to waste so then we went to joe's for some gooooooooooood pizza.

the parade was a little loud for kimber.

the kids were so funny. they said some funny things about the animals and the smells. miranda was a little mad because i wouldn't let her go home and change her clothes. i didn't think much of it, i just told her no. well when we got there she saw a bunch of girls from school and was a little embarrassed. sorry babe! she is at a difficult age. i know it is not important to me but it is to her and that is her world right now. so note to a little bit more understanding next time!

laura gale's cotton candy was gone in 8.0! (a little rodeo humor?! ok maybe not)

awwwww...michael and kimber

and finally last but not least...

love ya karen!

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