Sunday, June 15

gettin back in the grove

ok, pity party is over...for now anyway.

we had a good father's day, hope everyone else did also. we went to church today, i hate to admit it but it's been awhile. a few weeks ago one of the choir ladies had asked my oldest, miranda, to sing a duet on father's day. she hasn't been on stage for a couple of years, so when she said yes i was really surprised. she said "think dad would like that for a father's day gift?" i forgot how well she could sing! it was so beautiful! i got all teary eyed. it was such a proud moment for us.
since i am feeling a lot better, i thought i would try to do something productive today. i was looking at a couple of blogs today (gteta a, to be exact. love her blog!). i got motivated and decided to try another challenge, pencil lines. so here it is...
pic is crap. i hate my camera! anywho, i like how the lo turned out. and i did it with one hand.


Jana ONeal said...

Wow! I am impressed! I think that it looks fantabulous(no that is not a misspelling, that is a word! Ha, Ha) Love ya, glad to know your doing better!

Anonymous said...

Very hip page! I love the clustur of elements on the bottom of the page!

vtpuggirl said...

Love your layout, love the bright and fun colors!

McMGrad89 said...

Very nice. Thanks for stopping by. See you around the internet.

(mommyvictory from sistv and scrapblog)