Saturday, June 14

trying to snap out of it

lets see what can i do...scrap, no. cook, clean, no. brush my teeth, barely. take a bath, tried, didn't work out to well. put my hair up, no, my daughter does that for me. i'm so frustrated...i feel like such an idiot. my hubby helped me take a shower today. he offered, i guess i stink!!! poor thing, he is always wanting to take a shower "together". i always turn him down. this was as far from sexy or romantic as you could get. (but that didn't stop him from asking) gotta love him.
one thing i can do is sit on my forever growing butt and watch movies. hubby went to blockbuster thurs. night and got tons of movies for the girls and i. so far i've watched mad money, bucket list, over her dead body, p.s. i love you, the other boleyn girl and i still got two more to go.
the kids are in the dinning room playing "life" with daddy. they sound like they are enjoying their time together. i don't think i could play, my head is still so cloudy and fuzzy. and i feel sick to my stomach. i haven't had any pain pills since about 5:30 this morning, so it can't be that. is that norm?
anyway, going back to lay down.

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karen akaliz said...

hang in there! i will bring you a soda later tonight if you want. send me a text and let me know if you want one...and anything else, too.