Tuesday, June 17

what's for dinner?

i know this is not a well balanced meal, but dad is out of town and we are out of groceries. so we had goodie plates for dinner. goodie plates are a little bit of this and that. i've never let them have one for a meal before and the portions are a little big, but what the heck, you only live once. i'm sure that i could find something to cook, but i just want to. they were so surprised that i let them have this. kimber asked me "are you doing this because you love us so much?" yea, that's right. it couldn't be because mommy is lazy!
boy, i am so tired. (big yawn) i've been working so hard. HA! now that's funny because i haven't done a dang thing around here, just been scrappin! this bum wrist has it's advantages. hee hee. btw the karen, I'M OUT OF GLUE DOTS! jk

here is my challenge for HMITM

i took like 20 pics of this lo. i don't know how everyone gets their lo pics so perfect. is there a trick i'm missing? i have a sony cybershot 7.2, which i've mentioned before...I HATE. it takes wonderful pics outside, but inside or any kind of movement...forget it. i've read the guide a hundred times, ok maybe not a hundred but a lot. does anyone have any suggestions...

besides buy a new camera!

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karen akaliz said...

this came out great! love the colors.

sorry about the glue dots. :(