Tuesday, June 3

97 water balloons

one hour and ten minutes later...wet, blistered and pruney...i finished filling 97 water balloons. why? get to that in a just a few...

first i gotta vent! i had a long ass day! puppy wakes me up around 6:30 to go outside. get back up at 8:15 to go the gym. my trainer decides to work me out for an hour instead of thirty min. the gym was closed last week for repairs, so i guess she thought we had to make up for lost time. leave the gym to pick up dry cleaning for hubby. come home get girls ready for a surprise play/swim date. three hours later on the way home i remembered i needed to go by a friends house to steel some ribbon and pick up my table and chair for my girly scrap weekend coming up. which i sooooo need! of coarse, ended up staying longer than planed. well karen and sheree were both there! had to stay and chat a bit. so i get home, get a call from my doc, i scheduled an appt. for surgery next week, got a bum wrist. (and i don't know how the heck i will do that with three kids and a husband that will be out of out that day!!! i'll worry about that later.) then for some reason i thought my living room needed to be rearranged! well that took almost three hours because you just can't move things around, you have to dust, vaccum, clean base boards etc. changed my sheets on my bed, i change them every 3 days. i'm a freak about that. anywho, when dinner time came i told the girls it is "cereal night. go help yourself". somewhere during the day i managed to wash AND fold two loads of laundry. after the girls ate and had baths, i got them to go watch a movie. then guess what...i had another wonderful idea...i'll fill up 97 water balloons, (three were defected or it would have been 100) and surprise the girls with a water balloon fight tomorrow.

wow! now that was smart!

my wrist really hurts now. along with a couple of blistered fingers. what was i thinking!?!
i'm sure it will be worth it tomorrow. right now i'm going to sit my big butt on my newly arranged couch!
thanks for listening to me vent! i guess it's not listening if i'm typing...oh who cares! i'm tired!

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thiscan'tbeblank said...

you did all that today? wtf?

and what is with the 97 water balloons? you're two short of being nena (and they aren't red). i'll have to stop by tomorrow and throw one at you just for being weird.