Thursday, June 12

feeling goooood

for now. i have some good pain pills!!! please excuse any misspellings, i am using my left hand and typing with one finger. and i feel a little loopy.
surgery went well. couldn't have done it without my bestest friends karen and sheree!
sheree has all three of my kids, it is after 8 and she still has two of them, god bless her! (she picked them up at 8:30 this morning and they will be home around 9:30)
karen picked me up this morning to take me to the hospital. picked me up after surgery. took me all around town to get meds, food and my favorite chicken e drink! all with two kids in the back seat. let me tell you her kids are so good! i just want to thank them for being here for me!
i have to keep the SAME dressing on my hand for 12 days! yuck!! i'm such a germ freak, it's going to kill me! ewwwww! to top it off, i have to keep this stupid sling on for 12 days also. i don't think i thought this through before i agreed to have surgery on my right hand. i can hardly do anything. it has taken me almost 30 mins to type this. my daughter was laughing so hard at me when i asked her to pull my pants up after i went potty. i told her "you try wiping with the opposite hand!" eww sorry tmi.
anyway, it should be fun around here for a while. ta ta for now.
thanks again, karen. i will take you and sheree out to a nice dinner soon.

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karen akaliz said...

ooh, the new olive garden should open soon...salad and breadsticks? mike hates it there so i will only get to go without him.

i called s yesterday to make sure that ken made it home ok for you. i was going to call you but didn't want to wake you up.

hope you are feeling a little bit better...i won't bother you today, but please, please, please, lmk if you need ANYTHING. txt me if you want a dc from ce?