Saturday, June 28

"just me and you mom"

that is how kimber wants everyday to be. both of her sisters had plans this weekend. so from 9:30 am friday til noon today, it was just us. we went over to our friends house for the afternoon. i would say my friend, karen, but kimber loves "miss karen" . she had michael all to herself. when we go over there she usually has to fight for his attention with her sis laura gale. they had a great time swimming, watching a movie, playing the wii, eating, and eating some more and changing a baby diaper. yes, that's right. while karen and i were visiting they decided owen needed his diaper changed. i must say they did a good job. here is a pic of them feeding owen and watching a movie anyway, after we left there we had dinner together, "just the two of us mom", she kept saying that over and over. then she wanted to watch tv because when her sisters are here she never gets the remote. while i scrapped, she feel asleep on the couch hugging the remote. even when i picked her up to take her to bed she wanted to sleep with it.
today, after we had a special breakfast together, we ran around town...returning movies, going to lunch and going to walmart. i got her a blow up pool at walmart, i sat by the pool, cause of my bum wrist. if it wasn't for that i would have been in it with her in a heart beat. we were out there for about two hours! she is such a different kid when her sisters are not around. usually i am complaining about what she did, but at this moment she is perfect. our time together was priceless. time i will never forget!

later her sis wanted to join the fun, so while i went to scrap this was my view...
i'm off now to finish one more challenge.

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