Sunday, June 29

adrienne's sketch challenge

took karen's advice and took a pic of my layout outside on the porch. came out much nicer than the others, don't ya think.

this is for adrienne's sketch challenge.

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

the pic looks great...the layout even better! love it! cute new goodies!

we have to change your hover link color. can't see it when you roll over stuff. just an fyi, if you care. mike is 'waiting' for me. phooey.

Adrienne said...

Hey Aimee! Thanks so much for entering into my challenge! :D

Also, another hint on taking awesome pictures is... that little flower button on your digital camera! It makes the camera take great detailed pictures! :D Try it out!

Greta Adams said...

oh yea it did..and that is a beautiful layout!! LOVE what you did...

Adrienne said...

Psst go check out my newest post! :D
Heheheheh :D