Saturday, June 28

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promise! this is for pencil lines sketches. (blurry! i know!)
i'm going through some old photos, and i can't believe how my kids have grown!
i got my digital camera christmas 06, i think. this last christmas all i wanted was my hubby to get my old film developed. that doesn't sound like a lot to ask for, but i had about 40 rolls. long story short, he really shocked me and had my daughter help him sneak them out of the house. even the photo guy said that it was the most he'd ever seen one person develop at once. my hubby then asked him about giving him a discount, yep, and he got it too. the guy took off the tax. which was almost $35!
ok back on track...
i'm just looking at their little faces and think about how fast time is going by. i need to cherish it more and stop bitching about how they don't do this or won't stop doing that.
i know i will probably complain on my next post, so forgive me in advance, but i'm going to try not to.
i'm a blessed woman. i have a wonderful husband, who loves me for who i am right now, not for what i was or what i looked like when we got married. he works hard so i don't have to. i have three healthy, precious girls who are pretty well rounded. i have a beautiful house to live in and a nice car to drive. we don't ever "need" for things. yes, i am blessed!

(you can leave me a nasty comment in the future if i get out of line)

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

what a cute pic of kimber sleeping with the remote...

michael passed out in the car on the way to dinner friday night. he had so much fun!

great layouts! i need to check out that RAK too...