Sunday, June 22

bye bye


no more sling!
stitches are coming out tomorrow! tomorrow will be 12 days since my surgery. and let me tell you, my hand STINKS! like old funky dirty feet! every time my hand moves i can smell it. i still think that nurse was crazy when she told not to change the dressing. i can't imagine what is growing under there. ewwwwwwww. it doesn't help that i'm a germ freak.
anyway, busy, busy week ahead. it starts every morning at 7 am. i thought this was summer, where you get to sleep in. nope not this house. we have dance camp every morning, vbs every morning, doc appointments and volleyball camp every afternoon. then on thurs i have to drive one kid to grandma's house for the weekend. that's a two hour drive, one way! no staying up late this week for me or the kids.

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karen akaliz said...

you just can't stop, can you! i told you it was addictive!

like the new colors. the layouts are great but i don't know which challenges you're doing now. help me out!

call me tomorrow if you need me to spray the lysol on your gimp arm or anything, k?