Thursday, June 5

spring cleaning

don't know what has gotten in to me this week. i must have a wild hair up my butt! after rearranging my living room tuesday, yesterday i decided it was time for my bedroom. and today it was one of the girls room. this is the bunk bed i took apart...all by myself i might add. it is sitting in my entry way. two and a half bags of trash came out of her room! gee where does all this crap come from?! i have an old scrap friend who is coming to pick up the beds soon, i hope! she has 7 kids, yep i said 7. so i know she could use them.
anywho, the water balloon fight was fun but it was over in under ten minutes! i thought it would be fun to blindfold the girls so they wouldn't know what was going on. then i had them stand in a line. they could not take the blindfold off until they felt something. they so were not expecting it! here are a few pics.
later in the day while i was spring cleaning, they went out back and played in the hose...

ah to be young again!

do you see that lovely fence in the background? what an eye sore! been waiting for neighbors to fix it for over a year. you can't see it but they started the front, and it looks really nice. but they haven't put the side up or even attempted to fix the back. they put up some chicken wire stuff to keep our dogs apart and that looks even prettier!

i guess i better be going now, i have a wonderful, girly, husband and kid free, scrapy weekend to prepare for!

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chelemom said...

Have fun on your scrap weekend!