Monday, June 16

summer days

ARE KILLING ME! i can't get my kids to play outside. "it's to hot" they say. are you kidding me! they have lived in texas all their life, get over it already! the only way i can get them to go out is if i let them play in the water hose. that's fine maybe one day a week, but hello can you say water bill. my hubby told me not to worry about it, but he hasn't got the first summer bill yet.

anyway, kimber's soccer camp started today. it's from 9-11. so i thought i would drop her off, watch for awhile then head down the street to the gym for a quick 30 min cardio workout. NOT! i can't trust that little toot for nothing! i get to the gym, (can't do much but walk really, really slow because if i break a sweat that would cause my wrist to sweat and since i can't change the dressing til monday it would stink more than it already does) ok back on track...about 20 minutes after i started i get a phone call from a parent that is up at the field where i left kimber. she tells me kimber doesn't really "feel" like playing soccer, "it's to hot". so i go up there, make her finish and the whole time she is giving the coaches "mean" looks and being tacky to the other kids. since dad is working from home today, i let him handle it. this is far from the first time she has done something like this. ahhhh! she is so strong willed!

on to a happier subject...scrappin! since i can't do much around the house with a bum hand, i've been doing some challenges. here is my scrap your crap challenge...

i must admit this was hard, i've never been a tag person. so i had to dig for these. since i can't write, miranda helped out with the journaling. bless her heart, she has been awesome this past week. cooking, cleaning, brushing kimber's teeth and even cleaning up puppy poop!


Greta Adams said...

oh i love how it turned out!!
i have to say it was hard for me too....this challenge, the foam stamp challenge and the multi pic challenge...ugh can you say a doozie for me....

so glad you're getting help and i can relate to not wanting to go outside....ugh!

and you said a word that is not in my vocabulary....workout!! are you crazy? lol

Lisa said...

I love your layout, the picture is precious!

When I was a kid I never remember it being too hot to play outside. But my daughter was like yours, she would whine... it's toooo hot!