Wednesday, July 2

i got it!

since i cut coupons, well i really printed them thanks to elizabeth, she showed me a few places to go and print out coupons online. and how to get a bunch of freebies! you need to check her out. she is all about saving a few pennies. after gathering my coupons i took the girls grocery shopping with me again. i still can't push two baskets with one hand so i had no choice but to take them. and yes my little helpers didn't fight or complain. they did ask me why wal mart had to make their parking lot up hill. hmmmmm, didn't i ask the same question a few post ago. see i'm not the only one that thinks that is crazy. anywho, i still spent my budgeted 350 bucks, but i got a whole heck of a lot more for my money! i've been driving my hubby's honda because i just realized it had a full tank of gas in it. it has been sitting in the garage for almost three months! how stupid to let that sit and waste. so the aspen has been a little lonely. but i filled the honda up and saved even more. so i will be driving that all summer. all in all i saved about 45 bucks with coupons and driving the little car. so i said, in a real nice voice, "honey, since i saved so much of your hard earned money, can i use it to by one more scrap kit?" i thought he would say no. but he said YES! so i didn't wait for him to change his mind. i got right online, hoping noel would still have one. AND SHE DID! i thought i was going to miss out on this kit. for some reason it was calling my name. i know a lot of things call my name, but i usually don't get them. every time i would go to someone's blog, there it was just looking at and teasing me. he has been so stressed lately about money, so it took a lot of nerve for me to ask for it since i just order some stuff earlier this month (from noel, again. i am loving her shop. check her out!). he is a budget man. so he keeps up with every penny that goes out our door. he has spread sheets and everything. love him for that. he has keep us pretty debt free for a long while. a few things have come up lately so we have a little now. but it was necessary, nothing not needed. do you know the average couple ages from 25 to 40 have over $40,000 in debt. crazy but true. he just never wants to be like that. so if we can't pay cash, we don't get it. tough sometimes. there is so much i would like the girls to have like new games for the wii and ds's and stuff for the house. but it is so worth not having the stress of debt hanging over us. sorry didn't mean to go off on that. i just wanted to scream...I GOT MY PICNIC BASKET KIT! can't buy anything for a while after this. i promised him i wouldn't even ask. oh that's going to kill me. but we have three kids to school shop for. then all their birthday's are right when and right after school starts. then anniversary then christmas...oh i'm getting stressed just thinking about it all.

oh btw, noel has a great challenge for kids going on here! check it out.

got to go to bed. my head hurts now after thinking about all we need!

nite nite

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ricanlaw said...

Well you are very smart. I have to try this coupon thing and maybe I'll get a kit out of it too. Wow. ;) First of many visits to your blog, thanks for having me.