Saturday, July 26

when it rains

it pours! the past couple of days have been crap!

our fence finally fell down, washer went out and i gained five pounds! wth!

since we (when i say we i mean my hubby!) waited til the fence fell completely down it is going to take longer to get someone out to rebuild it. we've had the insurance check for awhile. don't know why hubby hasn't had someone to come fix it. it's probably cause he is out of town a lot and doesn't have to look at the dang thing as much as i do. so it doesn't get on his "to do list" til it is really bad. believe me it is bad. we look like the "WT" of the neighborhood. and when i take the dogs out i have to stand in front of the stupid fence so they won't run away. ahhhhhhhhhh! at this point i don't care if they run away.

anyway, here are the pics from our lowe's project this morning.

k smashed her finger and got a splinter! so she has been whining about it since we got home. she won't let me get the splinter out. so i told her i "if you won't let me help you i don't want to hear any whining!"

lg didn't get to finish hers. her stomach was bothering her. and i've learned the hard way when k or lg say their stomach hurts, i better listen. so many times i tell them "oh your ok, suck it up" well it never fails, as soon as i turn around they throw up! so we left early. but of coarse the day i take her serious...nothing. came home ate lunch and she wanted a brownie afterwards. so she is fine.

but m seem to have an ok time. and that little man next to her is karen's. he so cute! k, will email you the other pics.

right now i'm on my way back to lowe's to buy a dang washer because it will cheaper than someone coming out to fix our old one! is that not crazy? it is eight years old. aren't they suppose to last like ten or more? i called several people, and they wanted at least $250. that's not including parts! so for a little more i can buy a freakin new one! can you tell i'm still in a bad mood?!? and to top it, off hubby went to deer lease to fill the damn feeders. he won't be back til late tomorrow! i wonder if there is some beer in the frig? maybe when the kids go to bed i'll have one!

sorry, i am just a little over whelmed right now! had to vent!!!

as i just finished this post i heard a big crash in the back yard...gee i wonder what that was. well i looked out the window, and my little rigging i did to hold up the fence, didn't hold up! omg i'm going to pull my, now probably gray, hair out!


no washer yet! i've used that lowe's card a million times, but today of all days, they tell me i can't use it because my name is not on the account, only my hubby's is. so i hope everyone has clean underwear(which i know kimber doesn't, cause she is wearing laura gale's) cause he is at the deer lease and i know he won't want to go up there when he gets home tomorrow!

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