Wednesday, July 23

busy couple of days

wow, i am beat! we have been busy. hubby has been out of town since sunday, so it will be nice to have him home tomorrow. a couple of days is ok but when he is gone for more than that it is tough. miss you babe!

look who i got...

pic is really bad. #1 my daughter took it. #2 crappy camera.

owen and michael stayed with us while karen and mike went on a date. it was fun having the boys here. my girls are obsessed with them. lg and k fight for michael's attention and miranda just loves owen! as do i! lg is older than michael, but they love the same wars, indiana jones etc. and kimber is the same age as him so they also get along well. anways, they had fun.

we also had dentist appointments for k and m yesterday. m got her rubber bands put on her braces so her mouth is really sore. k had her retainer adjusted. oh wait dentist was monday, today was m's doc check up. sorry. it is summer, i can't seem to keep the days straight. anywho, when we got home from the doc, k found a package on the porch with her name on it. it was from noel. thanks again noel! she won a kid scrap challenge she did last week. i was planning to take a pic of the package for a scrap page, but she tore into it before i could get a chance. but i think it will make the page better now that i think about it.

k can be so sweet sometimes, she said since both of her sister did the challenge too that they could all share it. awwwww, it was a proud moment for me as a mom. i know i ***** about how she can be mean and hateful towards her sisters but one thing she is not is selfish! she does have her good moments.

today we got up early, i wanted to get to the mall when they opened. so from 10 til about 3, we were school shopping. being at the mall for five hours with three girls, ahhhhhhhh. they actually did better than usual. not to much whining or fighting. but we are not even close to being done! with an older child we can't shop at target or any place like that anymore! but everything we bought was on sale. i think we did pretty darn good. aeropostle had ALL their shirts, including hoodies, HALF off. i think we will go back, there were two things that m wanted and we didn't get them. i called them after we left to see when the sale would end. next week! so we have time! wooo hooo!

i totally crashed when we got home for about an hour. the girls scrapped with their new goodies while i was drooling and probably snoring. after dinner we met karen at the track. we are some fast walkers! didn't run much she has a bum leg and i have shin splints. but we did two miles. it is so great to have her as my track buddy. we had some good laughs tonight!

it is now a little past 11, so i better get going. have to call hubby before he goes to bed!

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Pinky said...

Awww so sweet!!!!!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

that pic of kimber is too stinkin' cute!

noelmignon said...

Hey guys! Sorry I have been so slow to get over to check on your package. Basy summer days with 3 boys! Congrats on the win Kimber and you're the nicest sister to share!! :)