Sunday, July 6

out done by a 12 yr old?

you be the judge.

after this challenge for the kids, my oldest daughter said to me..."mom if you ever need help with one of your challenge thingies, just let me know." (i tried not to giggle out loud) so i told her "well honey if you want to try one you can." and so she did. this is what i was working on, so she did the same one.

you tell me, have i been out done?!?!?!

can you even tell which one i did? i think noel has created a scrap addict!

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Rosanne said...

Terrific layouts!

noelmignon said...

Oh have a new best scrappin buddy!! That's awesome! makes me sad I don't have a girl.... :)

Adrienne said...

Well, I don't know who is who. So you'll have to tell me and she can have an entry too :D I dont mind. :D

ricanlaw said...

They are both great. How cool that you have a scrapping companion!