Saturday, July 5

challenge for the kids

there is a scrap challenge for kids here. it was really fun. they picked their own pics. then i let them pick paper and stuff for their page.this is what they came up with, i think there are a couple of future scrappers here. and i promise i did not do anything but help glue things down.

miranda - 12

laura gale - 8

and kimber - 5

I'm so impressed with what they did. i guess they are watching what i do. miranda keep saying where are "those things" and "where are the cute little"

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noelmignon said...

OMG...these are precious!! :)

Deanne said...

Thanks for participating in the "sisterhood" challenge, Aimee!!!!!!

Kristin said...

The layouts look great! It's amazing what kids come up with when you let them have control. I'm going to have to let my 5 year old loose to see what she would come up with!

By the way, I checked out the link you told me about... Yummy! And those clothes pins were adorable!