Saturday, July 26

ok four is enough

posts for one day...but i just had to share something that happen a few moments ago that made me cry. not a bad cry like my posts before, but a good cry. my oldest daughter just gave me this...

it says,

here's some stress free advice..."put the big rocks first"

(she is famous for writing us "notes" when she wants something or needs to tell us something)

then i opened it and read this...

now i know you can't really read it so here(in her exact words and spelling):

mom's spa

dear mom,

i know today is a very stressful day for you! so let me make it up 2 you. today we'll skip the track so you can spend the night relaxing. at 6:30 you spa will start. we'll get you all comfy + ready 2 go! we'll be your butlers + do whatever you want for 15 min. then at 6:45 you will be under lock down. that means no one goes into your room + you can gave a full 2 hrs. 2 yourself. and don't worry about us. we'll be perfectly busy. i have aranged that at 7:00 the hannah montana consert will be showing rite here at our very own house. we will keep the sound at a reasonable volume. then if you want another hour i have recorded double date night.

so if you will acept...

provider's signager

consumer's signager

have a stress free night!

your darling daguters!! :)

how blessed am i!!!!!

boy, i am so glad i have this blog to let everything out! it doesn't matter if anyone sees or reads it. it is a wonderful outlet! thanks k for introducing it to me.

i better go and sign my contract before it expires!

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Adrienne said...

I have something for you!
Tee hee tee hee

Deanna said...

Wow! Do you know where that comes from... "put the big rocks in first"?

Aimee said...

that's so cute! and i love your little signature at the bottom of each post :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

how did it go? your spa day?

i wish i had girls sometimes.

Kristii said...

Wow!! How awesome is that!! I hope you enjoyed your stress free night!! I am so happy to meet you over at Color Me Daisy and I look forward getting to know you!!

Michelle said...

Reading that note from your daughters brought happy tears to my eyes. How sweet!

I'm glad we met you over at Color Me Daisy. I love your blog and my favorite song ever by the Cure was playing when I came over. Cool!

jerseytjej said...

That is so sweet! Boys would nevah do somethinl like that...they are the oldest and worst ring leaders...