Friday, July 18

while i wait

on my pics to upload to walgreens (which takes a REALLY long time btw) i thought i might as well post something. yesterday my 12 yr old asked me when she was going to be able to wear make up. well NEVER i thought. but she is going into jr. high next month. did i just say next month, crap! where did the summer go? anywho, i let her experiment with my make up. all on her own. didn't help at all. she did a pretty good job. but to see my baby with eyeliner on... :(
when her dad got home from work we were talking in the kitchen, miranda walks in, he looks at her, he didn't say a word he just went into the bedroom and shut the door. poor miranda thought she was in trouble. he came out about 5 mins later and apologized to her. he said she looked very pretty but that he wasn't expecting that. he was in a little bit of shock. here is a pic of her.
the picture does not do her justice. she has a whole lot more on than it seems! we will have to work on it a bit. but enough of that more growing up!

here are a couple of challenges i did today...



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Dana said...

you did an amazing job on those layouts!! Have a great weekend :)

Greta Adams said...

omg girl...u did a terrific job using those ancient that pic and i have to say she did a great job on her thing i would encourage though and take it from me who is the mak up queen...DON"T let her start with liquid foundation...a little powder and eye make up is all she needs.....that is my .02 for what it is worth...she and you will thank me for that advice when she gets older and still has pretty acne/blackhead free skin :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

woo hoo! lovin' the deckle scissors!

and in the second one, is that LG in the middle? look how long her hair was!

miranda is too pretty to wear even an ounce of make-up. not that she doesn't look pretty with it, but she doesn't need any of it. she is a natural beauty. i know she won't care that i've said that. but she has really grown up since i first met her and she is going to be stunning (and tall).

you tall people suck.