Tuesday, July 29


is a new day!
a washer will be delivered in the morning and the fence will be finished by lunch. hopefully the roof guys will start soon. whoo hooo! i'm actually excited to do laundry! i cleaned out from behind the washer, let's just say ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. note to self...don't let another three years go buy without cleaning behind the washer and dryer!
and when i say we have nothing clean, i mean it. the girls are sharing clothes (mostly underwear, imagine a 5 yr old wearing a 12 yr olds undies. pretty funny!)

i am honored to say that i received two awards this week...

my first award is from karen

so, here's the deal:

1. The winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that sent you the award
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy
4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.
5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.

(sorry don't have 7)

i pick kim, kristin, greta, jennifer, adrienne and deanne

i should give my award back to karen, cause she is the one that helped me with my blog. so if ya'll ever need help, check her out here.

my second award is from adrienne...

  1. 5 bloggers.

  2. 4 that are regulars.

  3. 1 is new to you or in another part of the world
i pick karen, jenn, jana,
for the fourth, i ran out of people, i'm new to this blog thing...
and my new is lashell

and i do try to visit these girls daily!

each award is linked back to the person that gave it to me, btw THANK YOU, and now i have to go leave a comment on each blog that i picked. so i might need to go get a snack, cause i will be here for a while!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow, I'm honored. Thank you.

Jennifer P. said...

Thank you! Thank you! I love having new readers, and I LOVE awards :)!

It was fun to read the note from your daughter---no body takes care of you quite like your kids, huh :)?!

Wishing you all the best!

lashell said...

Thanks Aimee....I love that cute award!!!! I will get to it first thing tomorrow:) Still love you blog and all the awesome blinkies

Greta said...

Awww - thank you so much - you are too sweet! :)

Kristin said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!