Friday, July 11


is right! not the shorts but this layout. have you ever started a page and you have this great idea in your head. and your so excited to start. well that's how i felt with this challenge. it is not at all what i wanted. i kept telling myself to WALK AWAY FROM THE PAGE! but of coarse i didn't. i just kept adding things and painting and adding. all the blue paper is where i had to cover up mistakes! i really hate it. but here is my syc challenge...

this is miss kimber on the 4th. she was jumping off the back of a pick up truck and her shorts got caught. i'm giggling right now because it was so dang funny. she was hanging there by her shorts. with her little legs just swinging around. every time she moved it would rip more. poor thing. i shouldn't laugh. she is only five but she was so embarrassed, she ran to the bathroom crying. i shouldn't tell anyone this but i just have to... when she was still out side i checked to make sure she wasn't hurt or bleeding. well i thought i saw some blood. when we got inside, i looked wasn't blood...let's just say she didn't wipe to good after she went potty. ewwww tmi, i know! but i couldn't stop laughing. gotta love her!

anywho, have to finish cleaning. sil and her family are coming for the weekend. i had to put up my scrap stuff so we could have a table to eat on. so that means no scrappin' till sunday! :(

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chelemom said...

How funny!!! I love this LO!!!!