Tuesday, July 8

love st. park

this is a new park they built here in weatherford. i love it. my kids love it. it is awesome! they have the coolest stuff! today was really nice. it was me and some friends just hanging out in the shade while our kids played. (some of these pics are from last time we were there)

Nicole with laura gale and kimber
some monkeys...i mean miranda and lg

big sis miranda helping little sis kimber

sit and spin. remember those?!? i got dizzy just watching them.

and just playing in the fountain things

fun times!

here is a challenge for use your stash and scrapping the music. the scrapping the music one is a really cool one. you should try it. i'm one behind, but i don't think they mind.

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Kimmie said...

Fantastic layout! Love the colors! Thanks for participating

Mary_Yontz said...

What fun! I loved all the park pictures and your layout is GREAT! Thanks for taking our challenge!

KimmyS said...

Aimee that layout is soooooooooo cute. Thank you so much for playing along

Julie said...

Love your layout and the park pics. Thanks for taking part in the challenge