Saturday, July 5

5 random things about me

ummm...let's see

-I'm a loner. i don't mind being by myself. i enjoy it. i go to movies all the time by myself.

-I'm living my dream of being a SAHM.

-i'm addicted to chocolate covered peanuts, (only if they have been in the frig and really cold)

-i'm independent person.

-i'm a freak when it comes to my bed sheets. change them every 3-4 days, i have been know to change my pillow case after my kids or hubby has laid on it.

okay, that's my random five. what's yours?

post them here for a chance at a rak!

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lashell said...

Gald you stopped by your blog...I am despertly trying to figure out how to add my own backgrounds to mine...goodluck in the drawing.